Customer Incentive Program

Bureau Requirements


Parkwest Bicycle Casino may advertise various names for this gaming activity. Should the Casino advertise a different name, the BGC ID (GEAR-001291) will be referenced on all advertisements relating to this gaming activity.

Furthermore, all rules and procedures for the gaming activity, including but not limited to the following, will be prominently displayed in Parkwest Bicycle Casino at all times the gaming activity is being offered for play:

  • Corresponding time played and points earned or awarded
  • The date(s) and time(s) the gaming activity shall be offered
  • The number of points earned corresponding to the prize amount
  • The time frame in which the points earned are valid
  • The possible prize(s) offered for meeting the requirements of the gaming activity
  • When the bonus prize(s) will be offered throughout the promotion
  • Availability of No Purchase Necessary
  • Any other restrictions that apply to this gaming activity

Eligible Controlled Games

The Customer Incentive Program shall be attached to all Bureau approved California and Poker controlled games offered at Parkwest Bicycle Casino at all times the gaming activity is being offered for play. All controlled game rules shall be played as approved by the Bureau.

Object and Summary

The Customer Incentive Program features a promotional element attached to the games listed above. This gaming activity is a loyalty reward program open to all Parkwest Bicycle Casino patrons. The promotion will reward players with points based on time of play at designated table games during predetermined and eligible periods ranging from 10 minutes to 90 days. The range of points per hour played will range from 1 to 500,000. During predetermined and posted times, Parkwest Bicycle Casino may offer bonus rates on play during off-peak hours or in specific games, within the range as shown above (for example, double points).

How Points are Earned Based on Time Played

Points shall be earned based on the amount of time played. Each player that plays posted certain table game during live play will, at certain times, receive points, which will gain them eligibility to win predetermined and designated prizes. Patrons will be given ample notice of how many points will be awarded, as well as, the amount of time required to earn points for each eligible game.

Example: A player signs up for the Customer Incentive Program at the cashier and receives a player’s card. The player presents the card to a casino representative at the gaming table. The casino representative enters the player into the tracking software and will input the type of game and average wager per hand in 15-30 minute increments. At the end of the gaming session, the player will be logged out by the casino representative. The tracking software tabulates the amount of points the player earned based on time played and adds it to the player’s account.

How Prizes are to be Redeemed

Players may redeem their points for prizes at any time during the promotion or at the end of the promotional period. The redemption period will be displayed in Parkwest Bicycle Casino to give players ample notice. Points not redeemed by the end of the promotional period will expire within 30 days of the promotional period. All prizes shall have a predetermined and designated value. Each hour will account for 1 to 500,000 points. Each point will be worth $0.01 - $100 per point. After a player has accumulated a predetermined and specific amount of points, a player may redeem the accrued points for a predetermined and designated prize.

  • After a player has been awarded a prize, they may also be eligible for second and subsequent prize(s) until the end of the promotion.
  • Players may redeem their points for multiple prizes so long as the total amount of points required for all prizes is within the player’s point balance.
  • Once points are redeemed by the player, they are deducted from their point balance.
  • Upon request, a player may check their point balance with a casino representative at any time during the promotion.
  • Points are non-transferable and may only be redeemed by the player that earned them.
  • Points may be redeemed at any point during or at the end of the posted promotional period. Points that are not redeemed at the end of the promotional period will expire.
  • All reward points are subject to review and verification. The Casino reserves the right to adjust balances or void points due to any error or fraud.

Player’s Card Computer System Description

The player’s card shall include the casino name, some descriptive language regarding restrictions for the card, and the problem gambling phone number. There shall also be a bar code for identification.

  • Players will receive a player’s card once they sign up for the Customer Incentive Program at the cashier.
  • The card shall be non-transferable and can only be used by the player who the card is assigned.
  • If the Player’s Card is lost or stolen, they can ask a Floor Service representative for a replacement at no cost to the player.
  • Player information shall be maintained in a secure database accessible only by casino management. Access to the database shall also be tracked by casino management.
    • No one except the network administrator(s) has access to the back-end systems where the data is stored.
    • Access to the data is by user level with multiple levels based on the users work needs.
    • Marketing managers will have access to customer data for marketing purposes.
  • Player’s time played is tracked by having their card scanned.
  • A computer device, with a bar code reader, will be affixed to the gaming table or casino podium and a gambling establishment employee will scan the player’s card. The gambling establishment employee will then input the player’s average wager and time played into the computer device.
  • A printable record of the amount of time a player has accumulated during the promotional period shall be available at any time it is requested by the player.

Eligibility Requirements

This gaming activity will be open to all players 21 years of age and older with valid I.D. who sign up for a Player Reward Card and participate in an eligible game for a designated period of time to earn points. When the player chooses to exchange their accrued points, they shall win a corresponding prize.

  • Players must be seated and playing at a designated table in order to qualify for the promotion. In order for the table to qualify for this promotion, there must be a minimum of two players for poker and California games and up to a maximum allowable in the controlled game.
  • Backline bettors are not eligible for this promotion.
  • On and off duty, in or out of uniform casino employees shall not be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • Third Party Proposition Players, on or off duty, shall not be eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • Tournament games do not qualify for this promotion.


The prize shall be a fixed amount ranging from $1 to $1,000,000. Prizes include cash, live casino chips, Bonus Chips (GEAR-001289), Free Play Chips (GEAR-001292), vehicles, promotional merchandise, food, entry into tournaments (GETR-000131), or entry into other Bureau-approved gaming activities,. In addition to the fixed amount, during predetermined and posted times throughout the promotion, there will be bonus prizes awarded when players reach a certain point level. The bonus prize will range from $1 - $1,000,000. In all instances, the actual prize(s) that players are eligible to redeem their points for shall be predetermined and conspicuously posted in Parkwest Bicycle Casino at all times that this gaming activity is being offered.


The Customer Incentive Program shall be fully funded by Parkwest Bicycle Casino. No additional fees of any kind shall be taken for this promotion. All fee collections and table limits are for the designated base game and are Bureau approved, predetermined and posted at each table.

Administrative Fees

Parkwest Bicycle Casino shall not retain any administrative fee for operating the Customer Incentive Program gaming activity as this promotion is house-funded.

No Purchase Necessary

The Customer Incentive Program does not contain the element of chance. Therefore, it does not constitute an illegal lottery and does not require a No Purchase Necessary Table to be offered while conducting this gaming activity.

Parkwest Bicycle Casino
BGC ID: GEAR-001291 (March 2022)