Parkwest Bicycle Casino (“PWBC”) is committed to maintaining a consistent gaming and dining experience centered on customer service in a friendly, safe, and pristine environment. The safety, security and enjoyment for our guests, team members and third party vendors are PWBC’s paramount goal. To help us achieve our goal, PWBC has established a Code of Conduct policy.

The primary purpose for the Code of Conduct is to establish a minimum standard of conduct in order to establish a friendly, safe and secure experience. While the following list is not exhaustive, it provides an example of the types of activities that are not permitted at PWBC. Anyone who fails to comply with the Code of Conduct may be involuntarily excluded from the casino for a period of time determined by PWBC in its sole discretion.

Tier 1
First Infraction – Verbal Warning up to a 2 Week Suspension
Second Infraction - 30 Day Suspension
Third Infraction – 90 Day Suspension

  • Cards and chips must remain in clear view of the Dealer and other players at all times.
  • No stalking or hovering over active players on the gaming floor.
  • All players who are permitted to enter High Limit gaming areas must do so for the purpose of actively gaming.
  • Good personal hygiene is required.
  • No Clothing that makes explicit reference to obscene language, drugs, sex, violence or gangs.
  • No expectorating (spitting) of gum, tobacco, or other substances.
  • Smoking, e-cigarettes and vaping are prohibited inside the casino and within 20 feet of any entrance.
  • No photography, video, or audio recording is permitted.
  • Behavior at the gaming tables that create a disruption to the pace and play of the game.
  • No personal belongings are allowed to be placed on top of gaming table that could disrupt or compromise the integrity of the game.
  • Tier 2
    First Infraction – 30 Day Suspension
    Second Infraction – 90 Day Suspension

  • No harassing, fighting or other aggressive, abusive or intimidating behavior. Offensive or threatening language; racial or homophobic name calling; and obscene gestures are prohibited.
  • No loitering on PWBC property for the purposes of sleeping, nesting, soliciting, selling or begging.
  • Card or chip abuse is unacceptable. Cards or chips thrown forcibly, leave the table or hit the Dealer is prohibited.
  • Patrons that choose to consume alcoholic beverages shall do so in a responsible manner. Those appearing to be intoxicated will be denied further service and may be escorted off the property.
  • Tier 3
    Immediate Indefinite Suspension

  • Any activity deemed to be collusion, dishonest or a form of cheating will not be tolerated.
  • Adding (or removing) chips to a bet after the outcome of the wager is known is prohibited.
  • Unlicensed firearms or weapons of any kind allowed on property.
  • No destroying, tampering, damaging and/or defacing PWBC property or equipment.
  • Patrons shall not possess, sell, distribute, consume, or be under the influence of illegal substances.
  • All 30 day suspensions do not require a request for reinstatement from the individual
    All 90 day suspensions, or greater, requires a formal request for reinstatement from the individual